Presented by Qubit
Featuring ensemble soundinitiative
September 7th and 8th, 2019
37-18 Northern Blvd. in Queens, NY


Qubit presents the French ensemble soundinitiative in their US debut, with two days of performances and installations. An ensemble with a similar focus on blurring the lines between composer / performer / audience, as well as concert / installation / theatre, TRANSIENTS is two full days of creative new works from France and the United States. These are events not to be missed!

September 7: Genuine Fake

6pm The Vanity of Small Differences - Jessie Marino
In collaboration with Winnie Huang, The Vanity of Small Differences references body language in today’s modern world and is composed through the musical elements of phrasing, cooperative polyrhythmic movements and harmonization through expression, connotations and feelings conveyed.

7pm Genuine Fake
Aaron Einbond, Attempt at Exhausting a Place
David Bird, How To
Alec Hall, Getting To We

Three brand new pieces by the composers of Qubit will be premiered by the musicians of soundinitiative.

Aaron Einbond's Attempt at Exhausting a Place transforms the performance space through field recordings that Einbond made in Paris, recasting Georges Perec’s descriptions of the city in 1974 as both familiar and distant today.

David Bird's work, How To, is a mashup of some of the most idiosyncratic how-to videos on the internet and YouTube in particular. The piece recombines audio and video from different how-to videos towards a surreal and uncanny effect.

Alec Hall brings to life a series of wellness products, life coaching strategies and community building exercises in Getting to We. Structured within an interminable phone call to a corporate helpline, this immersive experience features the artist MarieVic and choreography by KatieRose McLaughlin.

September 8: spaceinitiative 

6pm Fame
While everyone else dreams of fame, celebrities are searching for anonymity. Social networks give everyone the illusion that they are able to stage a performance whenever the whim arrives. A variety of viewpoints emerge on this timeless theme, all of which remains ambiguous as they drift between fascination and toxicity. But what about the artist? Julia Robert offers her views on celebrity’s diverse aspects by playing flabbergasting hits from the top charts, along with an introspective musical examination of the same works.

7pm Transients
Raphaël Languillat, Flagellatio ii(torso)
for amplified piano solo

Louis D'Heudières, Laughter Studies
for 3 performers

Pierre Jodlowski, Coliseum
for fl, sx, pno, perc

Michelle Agnès Magalhaes Constella(c)tions I : lines
for 6 performers and web devices (world premiere)
Benjamin Matuszewski e Frédéric Bevilacqua (Scientific collaboration), ISMM, IRCAM

8pm Vertical Horizons
A solo set by French/Australian musician Joshua Hyde, reflective ambient spaces for saxophone, electronics & video

This project is supported by FACE, SPEDIDAM, New Music USA, and a generous piano donation from Yamaha. soundinitiative is supported by the Département d'Affaires Culturelle d'Ile-de-France.

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