David Bird’s Scatter is inspired by the elliptical orbit of Halley's Comet around the sun, the elliptical shape of Manhattan, and the orbits of transportation in city life. Scatter maps these celestial and commonplace commutes into a singular experience. This project features recorded performances by Duo Axis, design by Myles Emmons, and development by Devin Frenze.

Click HERE to launch the interactive map, and HERE for more information on the geolocated sound walk.

Interactive Map Instructions:

• Left and Right arrows cycle through the planets, changing your position and activating the music for that planet.

• Up and Down arrows cycle through the planet's moons, enabling you to choose different electronic textures to complement the music for each planet.

• The color scheme may be inverted by clicking the button in the upper left corner.

Sound Walk Instructions:

To experience Scatter through the "Echoes" app you must be located in Manhattan

1. Scan the accompanying QR Code with your smartphone or click HERE 

2. Download the Echoes app for your phone and allow it to know your location

3. Download or Stream "Scatter"

4. Plug in your headphones and regularly check the app to observe how the music changes based on your travels in the city.

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