November 15th - 20th One Brooklyn Bridge Park

Nov. 15, Opening Reception, 6-9pm, performances by Snygün (Jeff Snyder and Cenk Ergün), Philip White

Nov. 19, 4pm, performances by Alec Hall, Lester St. Louis and Martin Hiendl;
Sam Yulsman, Gabrielle DaCosta and Justin Cabrillos

Nov. 20, 7:30pm, performance by Weston Olencki and Brandon Lopez
Liminal describes that which occupies both sides of a boundary or a threshold; Qubit is excited to exhibit four physically immersive works from a team of diverse artists, musicians and architects working at the far reaches of their respective fields. Throughout the course of five days, Liminal will feature a series of performances alongside an exhibition of work by Dani Dobkin, Mengtai Zhang, Alec Hall, and the architecture collective : (pronounced colon).

The exhibition places a central focus on the Chinese border city of Shenzhen, the first of the Special Economic Zones. In her 2014 book, Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space, American architect Keller Easterling writes poetically about free trade zones. “For all of its efforts to be apolitical, the zone is often a powerful political pawn. While extolled as an instrument of economic liberalism, it trades state bureaucracy for even more complex layers of extrastate governance, market manipulation, and regulation. For all its intentions to be a tool of economic rationalization, it is often a perfect crucible of irrationality and fantasy.”

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