Qubit is a contemporary music and performance art initiative founded in 2010 by Alec Hall and Bryan Jacobs. Its principal mission is to foster the development of emergent voices by working with young composers whose work has yet to reach wide audiences, and to explore and develop new and experimental technologies as they relate to performance practice, sonic aesthetics, and public engagement.

Qubit plays a unique role in New York’s contemporary artistic environment by striving to unify divergent forms of experimentalism that speak to the contemporary condition, wherever they occur in the sonic or visual landscape. Establishing the integration of cutting-edge digital technologies as its core goal, Qubit challenges conventional curatorial practices to engage audiences in captivating methods that fully express the creative possibilities of the 21st century.
David Bird
Aaron Einbond
Alec Hall
Bryan Jacobs

Curatorial Advisory Board
Chaya Czernowin
Miller Puckette
Jaime Oliver
Jeff Snyder

Qubit is a registered 501(c)3 public charity. Help us produce and promote emerging voices with a tax-deductible contribution.

Questions? Concerns? Project Proposals?
Email us at: qubitnewmusic@gmail.com